Thursday, October 31, 2013


Author Michael Wesch's video "Web 2.0 ... The Machine is Us/ing Us" depicts how as the world advances, so does its technology. Every day the human race is more dependent on smart phones, computers, gps, to the point that without it we could not survive. Although it is thought that humans created the web, it is the web that has created what humans are today. It has been said that no one is perfect, but the internet is changing that dramatically. Wesh’s said “text is linear” not the first thought in most mind when thinking about writing. On the internet everything can be look at as perfectly straight, perfectly proportioned. Computers are taking away from the human element.

In response to Michael Wesch’s video "Web 2.0 ... The Machine is Us/ing Us" his argument was very convincing. It is all a big illusion that the internet is perfect, because it is controlling the world. The quote “There is no such thing as the perfect human.” by Isaiah Harden is a great example of why humans are so easily taken over by technology. It is the attraction to be perfect. Without even realizing it the internet is taking advantage of everyone. Every time someone logs on it is used as data, everything said is permanent. The amazing part about it is the technology is still young. In  "Footprints of the Digital Age", by will Richardson not only the aspect of the internet is controlling people is brought up, but the point that it is dangerous. Imagine what would happen if all technology would just stop? How many people would die? How would the world survive? The simple answer is a lot of people would die, most couldn't survive. The government spying on people and listening to phone calls was not enough for people to take a step back. When does the benefit of looking perfect, and complaining about a day on social media outweigh privacy, safety, and survival?

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  1. Good summary Nick. Make sure you are not giving opinion statements in your summary but rather attribute ideas back to Wesch (spell his name correctly).

    With your response, make sure that you give a why to your topic sentence. Why do you think so? Make sure when you ask questions, that you answer them as well. End with a strong concluding sentence.