Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Lee Hirsch's documentary "Bully", Hirsch expresses that "bullying" is a growing problem that is getting worse, due to an increase in suicide in children. Lee Hirsch explains "bullying" from the victims from point of view with constant torment and being forced to change school, not being allowed to go in school, and being scared to stay at school. Hirsch identifies problems at home and at home and school that leaves the victims with little choice. A boy in Hirsch's documentary would rather get beat up and chocked then tell someone what happened because he felt if he told and the school did nothing it would just get worse. A clear message in "Bully" is that a lot is being done to try and prevent bullying, but the fear is more and more kids will continue to commit suicide.

In the Documentary "Bully" by Lee Hirsch, it was a very good point that society does not accept those who are different, and not enough is being done to change this. This is a example of how cruel teenagers can be, its sad to think that children feel then have no choice, but to turn to taking there own life.  According to Bully Statistics 10 percent of all children are bullied regularly. Technology makes bullying inescapable from an even larger issue of cyber-bullying, because of cyber-bullying the problem is no longer just at school it makes children scared to log on to there Facebook. With suicide becoming the 3rd leading cause of death in young people its thought that someone or something would take responsibility, and make change. That is the opposite of whats going on. The schools claim that its the parents fault, and there school does not have a problem. Parents claim that they had no idea it was so bad and usually the bully denies what they were doing. With 4,400 deaths due to suicide every year the only one who has to suffer is the child and their friend and family. It is rare that even civil cases are filed against the bully for there causing pain and suffering. After a suicide the person who is to blame is the one who committed suicide, but this is wrong. It needs to become very clear that the bullies are taking kids life, the bully need to live with doing such horrible things to someone that they would rather never spend another day on earth then be around them. This is a scary problem the society has created and a change needs to be made before it gets worse.

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    nice work in your summary- there are a couple of proofreading pieces, but pretty good overall.

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