Wednesday, August 28, 2013


"A Vision of Students Today", by Dr. Michael Wesch, expresses how modern technology is meaningless to students because what is being taught is not relevant in students lives. This video made its message very clear, examples of how students are not in touch with their learning and those who are teaching them were proof. A online survey that students took about themselves revealed that a average class size was 115 or that only 18 percent of a girl's teachers knew her name. Other students have priorities that are not school and believe to do everything they want and sleep they need 26.5 hours in the day. In the end technology is not helpful to students it's just used as a distraction because students are not connected to their learning.
I strongly support Dr. Wesch’s view on technology in “A Vision of Students Today” because technology is not utilized properly in the classroom making it useless. Students are not connected with learning, the biggest problem is priorities. Technology plays the role of a distraction in the classroom with the U.S. falling farther behind in education every day the focus needs to be strictly on professors and classroom work. With the money that is being invested on electronics a student could have brand new textbooks, and everything needed to succeed without the distraction, and temptation of focusing on social life instead of school. The society is only living for today and not looking at the “long term” until that changes, no change in the U.S. education status will occur. It takes hard work, dedication, and focus with classic notes and textbooks success can be concurred. Having an unclear future should motivate more than ever to try and write their own future, with any distraction the vision of the “american dream”  slips further away. When technology is a distraction in the classroom it needs to be eliminated by students in the classroom. In America college is a choice no one is being forced to go, with that being said there is no excuse for “getting bored” those who do not like not being able to socialize when they should be learning simply should not be there. It is said “only the strong survive.” - Jayne Ann Krentz, this is a perfect example that only those who strive to success will achieve it. Only the ones who are strong enough to pay attention, participate, and put in the hard work are great enough to bring up the countries placement in education on a global scale. For those who choose this path it will be much easier to do without the distractions that the world wide web in the classroom. The way the education system is portrayed in the mind of the average student needs to change. Students have the tools for greatness in knowledge that is passed on in the classroom and until the realization that technology is nothing more than a distraction in the classroom then not only will the U.S. continue to fall in education, but education will deflation on a global scale. Priorities need to change and as a country we need to evaluate how much harm compared to good is being caused from technology in the learning place.

Thursday, August 22, 2013


Reading is always some thing that I enjoy and get lost in. My downfall is bringing myself to read when it's my choice, and I am not being forced to. When I think about reading I don't feel that it is a big part of my life. With that  being said when I do read I love getting lost in the motion picture going on in my mind. Getting confused and going back until you understand it just right is what makes your movie move vivid, and complete. My ultimate goal has always been to get the movie that I am imagining in my mind just right, that's when I know I have done my job as directing how my mind comprehends the book successfully.

Writing is a very effective way for me to express myself, a way for me to vent, or explain how I feel in words. Often my writing experiences are driven from school essays, and projects.  Something that I have always struggled with is writing about topics that do not apply to me. When I write about my experiences, and things I have learned I feel confident in my work. If the topic doesn't apply to me I often get confused, that's when I being to struggle with my writing. I believe that writing is important to all of us and when you feel that you have expressed yourself then your job as the writer is done. You have done your role to carry on the story.

Thinking, we are always thinking weather it is when we are asleep or when you are thinking about your hardest decision. In my opinion we think so that we can always do whats right. When I hear the word thinking the first  thing that comes to mind is school. Little do some of us realize that it is much more than that. Thinking is what guides you through the classroom, but at the same time it is what keeps you in the classroom, because we are thinking about our future. Sometimes your decisions can be hard to make, I know that no matter how confused I get when I walk out of the situation with a clear mind I have succeeded. Your role as the tinker is to always think for yourself and be the only one who controls your destiny.