Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Editorial Response PLN

USA Today’s editorial “USA Today Opinion” published on the topic of concussions in children by the USA Today Editorial Board, pleads to parents, state government, and to high school that something needs to be done to help prevent concussions. USA Today included a first hand victims mothers statement about what happened to her son before he collapsed on the field "There wasn't during the game any significant hit that you would go, 'Wow…that's a bell-ringer,'" USA Today brought up the point to make people realize concussions are real and can lead to death. There may not always be visible signs, but the outcome could have been different. USA Today claims that this epidemic will continue to get world unless action is taken through tough state laws and coach requirements. A change needs to be made.

In response to USA Today’s editorial “USA Today Opinion” on the discussion of childhood concussions, yes a change does need to be made. As an assistant coach on a 10 year old Thunder Football team I witness players giving their all just to wind up hurt from an injury kids can do little to prevent. Who is to blame? The coaches? The NFL role models? Or is the game just simply too rough? It is a combination of all three. Starting in 2012 all coaches in the state of colorado for all contact sports had to pass a online test about concussions. A step in the right direction. Although the coaches have the skills to identify concussions many times what they are teaching does not go along with concussion prevention. “Friday Night Tykes” a show on esquire network displays coaches in San Antonio teach their team the game of football. In this show just how rough the game can be is displayed, along with how serious adults can take a kids game. Two of the five coaches on the show have been suspended after just three episodes. The coach of the Jr. Broncos advised one of his eight year old players to aim high and hit a competitor in the head then said “I don’t care if he gets up”. There is no place for coaches like this on the football field. Then there is the NFL. Although recently the organization has been cracking down on helmet to helmet contact, the years of career ending head shots can never be erased. Attention was brought to equipment when Wes Welker one of the leading receivers in the NFL suffered two concussions in a short period of time. His return for the playoffs was questionable until a concussion helmet proven to help reduce the trauma of a blow to the head was presented to him. Welker did not suffer another concussion for the remainder of the season. Since concussions are such a large issue every player at every level needs to be using a this type of helmet. Yes, football is dangerous and there is always a risk letting a child step foot on the field, but if there love for the game is too great than parents and leagues need to make coaching more strict, concussion gear available to everyone, and parents need to understand the risks. In time I am hopeful that the sport I love and help teach will become much safer.

Thursday, November 14, 2013


   "What Teachers Really Want to Tell Parents" by Ron Clark establishes that teachers are held to an unfair standard to students and their parents because  teacher are getting fired for non valid reason.

Thursday, October 31, 2013


Author Michael Wesch's video "Web 2.0 ... The Machine is Us/ing Us" depicts how as the world advances, so does its technology. Every day the human race is more dependent on smart phones, computers, gps, to the point that without it we could not survive. Although it is thought that humans created the web, it is the web that has created what humans are today. It has been said that no one is perfect, but the internet is changing that dramatically. Wesh’s said “text is linear” not the first thought in most mind when thinking about writing. On the internet everything can be look at as perfectly straight, perfectly proportioned. Computers are taking away from the human element.

In response to Michael Wesch’s video "Web 2.0 ... The Machine is Us/ing Us" his argument was very convincing. It is all a big illusion that the internet is perfect, because it is controlling the world. The quote “There is no such thing as the perfect human.” by Isaiah Harden is a great example of why humans are so easily taken over by technology. It is the attraction to be perfect. Without even realizing it the internet is taking advantage of everyone. Every time someone logs on it is used as data, everything said is permanent. The amazing part about it is the technology is still young. In  "Footprints of the Digital Age", by will Richardson not only the aspect of the internet is controlling people is brought up, but the point that it is dangerous. Imagine what would happen if all technology would just stop? How many people would die? How would the world survive? The simple answer is a lot of people would die, most couldn't survive. The government spying on people and listening to phone calls was not enough for people to take a step back. When does the benefit of looking perfect, and complaining about a day on social media outweigh privacy, safety, and survival?

Thursday, October 24, 2013


"The Case Against High-School Sports" by Amanda Ripley compelled the argument that the United States schooling is more sports based compared to how high-school is ran over seas. Amanda Ripley made the argument that school sports are used almost as leverage to encourage students to go further in schooling. "But in 2012, only 17 percent of the school’s juniors and seniors took at least one Advanced Placement test—compared with the 50 percent of students who played school sports." Ripley thinks strongly that this is not just for having a good school team that school sports are being strategically used for schools to earn more money and to get students who normally don't perform in school to strive towards better grades so they are eligible to play. Ripley feels that this is not fair, that kids that are idolized for being larger, and more aggressive than other are thought of as the popular ones. Ripley's view is that school is a place where you learn not a place where you go to play sports, and put up with school in the mean time.

Amanda Ripley's article "The Case Against High-School Sports" was unbelievably biased, and not at all fair to American High-School students. Amanda Ripley went to Cornell University and was raised in New Jersey a place that can be very rough. A place that is known for the schools being bad and the dropout rate being very high. The question for her is if in the United States where the national standard for schooling is dropping every year why discourage High-School sports when for many it is the only reason they go to school. For the kids that are not privileged and who's only chance to go to Cornell University is through an athletic scholarship. Although they might be glorified for their athletic ability, and aggressiveness it is not fair to single them out because just like how every student can be smart every kid can participate in a sport. What matters is that you get to college, not how you get there. To the students that get into schooling through academic scholarships, or who can afford to go on there own more power to them for going through with it, but to those who can't afford it, or who never get a quality education High-School sports is their only chance. As said by the coach of the 1980 miracle team "Great moments are born from great opportunities". That is what High-School sports are.

Thursday, October 10, 2013


   In "Footprints of the Digital Age", Will Richardson advocates the importance of technology in the lives of young people. Richardson brings up the point that most every person can be Googled, and even though there is fear that what comes up is not positive it is even worse to be Googled and have nothing appear. Will Richardson say "Whether we like it or not, social Web technologies are having a huge influence on students who are lucky enough to be connected, even the youngest ones" this is a very important quote because Richardson says that "those who are lucky enough". Technology is an advantage and the younger a child starts the farther ahead the child will be. The facts that technology can be harmful to the learning of children is also brought up. Will Richardson's view on this is to simply incorporate this further into the learning of kids. Will Richardson wants educators to not only help students be Googled well, but for the internet be a tool, and advocate for them their whole life.

  Will Richardson's reasoning the article "Footprints of the Digital Age" is terrifying. It is said that children are the symbol of innocence, with that being said there is no place for a 7 year old to be tainted by the awful things that happen on the internet.  Profiles such as Ask.fm seem fun and interesting, but are just a feeding ground for bullies. This in no way will help anyone get a job unless the job requires bulling of innocent kids. According to Bullying Statistics the internet can destroy ones life over a bad decision that can never be deleted. No matter how hard you try you can never change the past, a job interview 20 years down the road one simple search could throw it all away. Ether the internet need to stop beings used as a selection service, or a census, or the way that people use the internet needs to change. On top of all of this terror it is said that "By and large, they do all this creating, publishing, and learning on their own, outside school, because when they enter the classroom, they typically "turn off the lights" (Prensky, 2008). Who knows if this generation will ever even get the job interviews, and opportunities for the internet to destroy, because at this rate they will not be qualified for most. Parents want what is best for their children, Will Richardson expresses that it is more important to be Googled than it is for you get get a positive review while talking about his own daughter. As said by Bullying Statistics only 1 in 10 children tell their parents that they are being cyber-bullied. Will Richardson is putting much more than he realizes on the mind and stress of children. Kids will be kids, cruel, mean, unfair, but the internet is just enabling them there is no importance to being Googled as a child. Let the innocent stay innocent.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Lee Hirsch's documentary "Bully", Hirsch expresses that "bullying" is a growing problem that is getting worse, due to an increase in suicide in children. Lee Hirsch explains "bullying" from the victims from point of view with constant torment and being forced to change school, not being allowed to go in school, and being scared to stay at school. Hirsch identifies problems at home and at home and school that leaves the victims with little choice. A boy in Hirsch's documentary would rather get beat up and chocked then tell someone what happened because he felt if he told and the school did nothing it would just get worse. A clear message in "Bully" is that a lot is being done to try and prevent bullying, but the fear is more and more kids will continue to commit suicide.

In the Documentary "Bully" by Lee Hirsch, it was a very good point that society does not accept those who are different, and not enough is being done to change this. This is a example of how cruel teenagers can be, its sad to think that children feel then have no choice, but to turn to taking there own life.  According to Bully Statistics 10 percent of all children are bullied regularly. Technology makes bullying inescapable from an even larger issue of cyber-bullying, because of cyber-bullying the problem is no longer just at school it makes children scared to log on to there Facebook. With suicide becoming the 3rd leading cause of death in young people its thought that someone or something would take responsibility, and make change. That is the opposite of whats going on. The schools claim that its the parents fault, and there school does not have a problem. Parents claim that they had no idea it was so bad and usually the bully denies what they were doing. With 4,400 deaths due to suicide every year the only one who has to suffer is the child and their friend and family. It is rare that even civil cases are filed against the bully for there causing pain and suffering. After a suicide the person who is to blame is the one who committed suicide, but this is wrong. It needs to become very clear that the bullies are taking kids life, the bully need to live with doing such horrible things to someone that they would rather never spend another day on earth then be around them. This is a scary problem the society has created and a change needs to be made before it gets worse.